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Bori i Fontestà

Bori i Fontestà

The white box and the lilies

We could spend hours debating whether it’s better to live towards the top of a high-rise building or closer to the street. We would all have arguments to defend the seemingly most popular option— living in a penthouse. But at AAA we think that not only lofts are special, and a few months ago we accepted a new challenge. We were asked to refurbish a very stately old flat located on the first floor of a building overlooking one of the greenest parts of Sant Gervasi— Turó Park.

It was not easy at first. The layout had to be entirely redistributed, as it was initially conceived with many separate rooms, some of them designed for very specific uses. We were surprised, for example, to see an entire chamber designed as a weapon room. Another room was equipped with everything one would need for sewing. We wanted to redesign all areas to meet current housing needs and uses. We had help from Cristina Rodríguez, an interior refurbishment specialist, who gave it her touch, as personal as it is avant-garde. We asked what she thought of it being a first floor, since we were concerned about exposure to enough natural light.

“We will make this an advantage. This floor will be better than all the ones above it, and you’ll see why”. She sounded convincing. She went on to talk about making it a white box: white walls, floors and ceilings. “This will give it the same sense of light as the floor above it.” She also noted that the first floor had two great advantages that make it stand out from other floors. The first perk was that the interior courtyards were traffic areas.

“Where other flats have a patio window, we can create interior gardens,” Cristina proposed.

The second big advantage was compelling. “What is the area of the park you like the most?” she asked. “No doubt the lake and its water lilies” we said quickly. “Well, look out the master bedroom window!” And Cristina was right. Since we were on the first floor we could see slightly below the tree branches, so that the view was directly over the lake. The upstairs neighbours see little more than branches, whereas we can really see the park from the bed.”

So now, if you’re ever in a debate about whether it’s better to live touching the stars or close to the front door, the answer should be “it really depends”. Because at Bori i Fontestà, the first floor is certainly better.

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